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Ginox SA Professional refrigerators and stainless steel constructions industry


Our company: Who we are



Reliability, Quality, Innovation and Consistency

The company

The company GINOX specializes in the production and marketing of stainless steel, professional refrigerators, and constructions. For over 40 years, the passion and commitment to quality, have led the company to innovative solutions, allowing it to meet and anticipate market needs and offer complete solutions to professional refrigerators and stainless-steel structures, based on the satisfaction of the needs of its customers.

The company has been established in the market at Greek and international level, due to its continuous upward development and the quality of its products.

Reliability, high quality, and consistency are for GINOX the main factors that contribute to its pioneering development in its industry.

With a presence of over 35 years, the passion and commitment to customer satisfaction, has led to innovative solutions while meeting high quality standards and being fully responsive to market conditions.

With its constant presence in international and pan-Hellenic exhibitions, the company is informed about all the new developments in the industry.


GINOX has as its mission to ensure the satisfaction of every need, with the high technical-know-how and the reliability of its executives, who focus immediately on the requirements of the customers.

The company invests in research for innovative and high-quality products by choosing cutting edge technology with emphasis on the added value of its products.

The values of the companies are Reliability, Quality, Innovation and Consistency.


The company╩╝s executives work with a focus on customer needs and the production of high-quality products. The specialized staff records the needs of each customer, while the employees in all departments work with passion and high technical-know-how to produce professional refrigerators and stainless-steel constructions.

Technology and Innovation

The innovations developed by GINOX provide flexibility to the professional and enable the multiple uses of the products.

The company helps customers in a fast and efficient way through special design software provided to customers to evaluate projects, suggest the most appropriate products, and adapt them to their specific needs. An initial analysis allows the customer to achieve the best result in less time and the company to optimize resources.

The Industrial Property Organization awards a Patent No. 1005874 for the Construction and Installation of a Vertical and Horizontal Commercial Refrigerator Column.


GINOX remains firmly committed to quality, having a special test and certification chamber of the energy class of its refrigerators while it has been certified with the international certificate ISO 9001/2015.

All products are produced with stainless steel AISI 304 18/10 and with first-class materials, environmentally friendly, according to new technologies, and are CE certified, following all International and European Regulations.

As a result of all this, GINOX has created a series of high-quality products, with modern design and ergonomics in space.

The products are patented by the Industrial Property Organization (OBI).


Based in Aiginio, Pieria, a few kilometres from the Thessaloniki-Athens highway it can supply its products directly to the Greek and international market. Since 1983, professionalism, reliability and seriousness have been the main ingredients for GINOX to become a pioneer in its field.

The modern facilities in combination with the state-of-the-art machines, enable GINOX to satisfy even the most demanding customers. Facilities include the administration building, the industrial unit, and the warehouse of finished products.

The modern CNC machines, that the company has, ensure the stable and high-quality standards.

Production planning through software and high-tech cad-cam systems ensures consistency in product delivery and mass production ability.

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