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Ginox SA Professional refrigerators and stainless steel constructions industry


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The GINOX line of refrigerated counters have been designed with a modular structure. This makes it easy to dismantle or assemble parts of the refrigerator, without having any technical knowledge and without using any special tools. The middle and the horizontal columns can be unclenched and removed in one step, providing easy access to modify it by placing drawers instead of doors and vice versa. With the same easiness one can pull out the slide guides, the insert kits and any other component considered necessary, having a completely open space with easy access to the inter part. So, the cleaning and the maintaining of the refrigerator becomes faster and more efficient.

Automatic defrost and automatic water evaporation. During the defrost process, the water is collected and evaporated automatically. The rest fish-waters are also collected to a pipe which should be connected to a water connection.

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Printed in 03/10/2023
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